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Now G-mail can be used without any network

Now G-mail can be used without any network

By admin | June 19, 2018

Now G-mail can be used without any network … Learn how to use new features offline

Now Gmail will be able to use offline too. Google has built a Gmail offline feature. Through this feature, users can sync messages even when the device is not connected to the internet and can read mails in addition to new messages composing.

This feature of Gmail is especially useful, because there is no Internet connectivity or the Internet is very slow. There you will be able to use it here. We are telling you how to enable it in offline mode. If you are still using classic Gmail and you have not upgraded to the latest version, then you have to use these steps for Gmail offline.

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First go to the Chrome Store and download the Gmail Offline App. Then tap the Add to Chrome button and follow the on-screen directions. After this, select the app from the shortcut list. Then select the Allow offline mail option and then tap Continue.

Then you can do Gmail by opening the Gmail Offline app downloaded from the Chrome Store. Then press the settings option in the top right corner and then select the option of the message you want to download. Gmail Offline App is now setup and you can use it for all basic tasks. But keep in mind that Gmail can use the offline app only in Chrome.

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